About us

Veloplus - uffici produzione abbigliamento personalizzato ciclismo VELOPLUS arises from the challenge of the founders who, coming from the world of professional cycling, have tried for years on their skin cycling garments made by industry leaders and have decided to throw them a little challenge.

VELOPLUS has therefore originated from a great passion and from the desire to propose to athletes and friends a truly innovative product.
Quickly they won the bet by burning all the stages !!!

Founded in 2007 with the support of managers and technical experts , VELOPLUS has been able to carve out, through customers word of mouth, a valuable niche in an increasingly crowded market.

Our philosophy is based on continuous improvement of products and services offered. Thanks to the feedback that we constantly receive from our customers and to continued investment in research and development, we are able to improve ourselves every day, anticipating innovations and trends.